The blended leadership programme for emerging leaders

Equip your emerging leaders with the essential skills they need to succeed

Ensure leadership training has a lasting effect

The Leader’s Map blended leadership programme integrates online lessons with group coaching sessions and activities. 

Students learn online using The Leader’s Map app. They can study anywhere, anytime at their own pace. Their progress is measured in real-time so they can easily be supported by your Programme Manager and motivated to succeed. 

Group in-person or virtual coaching sessions enhances the effectiveness of online learning and enable students to master their new skills by putting them into practice.

gain of leadership quality when technology is used heavily in leadership training.

Your Leadership Coach

Suzi McAlpine

Leadership Coach

Drawing on over 15 years of experience in leadership development and having worked with thousands of leaders, Suzi offers your emerging leaders practical and proven leadership models and workable practices. The content includes material used in working with experienced leaders. 

For your Programme Manager, Suzi partners with your organisation to ensure a successful programme - with ongoing support, guidance and leadership coaching.

Who is The Leader’s Map for?

The Leader’s Map is for anyone in a role where skilled leadership is critical for success.

First time and emerging leaders in your organisation
Aspiring leaders soon to move into their first leadership role
Leaders with little or no prior leadership training
Leaders who are underperforming or are struggling with some aspect of their role
of emerging leaders feel unprepared for their role.
wish they had more training beforehand

What your leaders will gain

Equip leaders with the comprehensive skillset and experience they need to lead.

A marked improvement in their leadership capability, self awareness and confidence
Increased skills in coaching, performance management, feedback and leading change
Improved communication and self-awareness
Increased engagement and loyalty as you invest in their development

How your leaders will learn

Accelerate your leaders’ learning through our blended leadership programme.

Blended learning
12 months
8 modules
4-5 hours per module

The Leader’s Map is a 12 month blended leadership programme. 

Your leaders complete 8 modules backed by leading research that focus on a key topic or skill of leadership . Each module contains a number of lessons, covering key aspects of that module topic or skill.  

Before the programme begins, a Kickstart session brings all participants and other relevant stakeholders within your organisation together to learn about and launch the course.

Halfway through each module, participants meet in Peer Cohort Sessions  to share knowledge, and put learnings into practice.

At the end of each module an End of Module Group Coaching Session is held. All Participants meet to discuss learnings and support each other in their leadership journey. 

At the end of the programme we have graduation where leaders are recognised for completing the programme.


  1. Defining your leadership band
    Get clear on who you want to be as a leader
  2. The art of giving and receiving feedback
    Master the skills of giving, seeking and receiving feedback
  3. Become an outstanding coach
    Uncover the practice of coaching, a leadership superpower
  4. How to manage your time & prioritise like a pro
    Delegate, prioritise and run meetings effectively, it’s all in here
  5. Mind body reset
    Manage stress, build resilience and self confidence
  6. Build a great team
    Tools for building high performance teams and development
  7. Managing performance
    Set expectations and manage team and individual performance
  8. Leading Change
    How to lead yourself and others through change
Experience a lesson

Explore The Leader's Map app learning
experience in this free trial lesson.

The fundamentals of good coaching

Everything you and your leaders need to succeed

An online learning experience purpose-built for students’ and managers' needs.


  • Interactive online learning plus in person workshops and group coaching
  • Study anytime, anywhere
  • Leading learning methods and materials Videos, Resources and Tests
  • Progress reporting and motivational support


  • Real time progress monitoring
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Ongoing support and coaching from Suzi
  • Advice on how to get the best out of your Leader’s Map programme


Investment in The Leader’s Map programme is structured in two parts:
The programme set up and ongoing support - and the programme membership.

Programme set-up and ongoing support


per month. NZD GST exclusive.
Total $11,390 ($4250 deposit on sign-up)

  • Programme set-up with Programme Manager and key stakeholders
  • Facilitation of Kick Starter Session for all participants
  • Facilitation training for group Coaching Sessions
  • Ongoing support for Programme manager and leaders

Programme membership

1-20 users

per user
NZD GST exclusive

21-50 users

per user
NZD GST exclusive

50+ users

per user
NZD GST exclusive

  • Full Access to The Leader’s Map web application and leadership resources

Trusted & Transformative

The Leader’s Map has had a tangible impact on our people leaders and the culture of EQC. It has provided an effective bedrock for our leadership strategy and the peer learning structure in particular, has built a robust and collaborative cohort across our business.

Acting CPO, EQC (Earthquake Commission)

Sharlene Taylor

We selected Suzi’s Leadership programme after robust market review - and have never looked back. The modules are easy to digest, well paced, loaded with content, relevant and the learnings are easily applied to everyday leadership. Suzi also supports the programme facilitator with bespoke coaching and guidance, from agenda format to running the exercises, so you can be confident running the closing workshops.

People Development Manager

Kirstin Gasser

I really liked the youtube video showing the coaching. It used a very relatable example! I also liked you describing the GROW model as being like a map so I could picture it easier.

The GETSET model is a great tool to utilize in preparation for managing performance. The golden rule still remains the same "Place yourself in your staff’s shoes."

The giving and receiving feedback module was very relevant to me - and was confronting in a good way! The articles were really good.

Really appreciated the small group work as it made people more comfortable expressing their opinion and thoughts.

Keep on doing what you are doing currently - whole course was great!

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